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Vacuum Cleaner Monster Poem

Vacuum Cleaner Monster

The sound of a monster I was sure.

I yelled for someone, but no one heard.

I peeked and looked around a corner,
looking for that loud monster.

It was so loud, it wasn’t far.
Suddenly behind me…

I ran and let out a FRIGHTFUL YELL!
Freaked so much I stumbled and fell.

I jumped, scrambled, screamed and flailed
turned around, MOMMY HAD IT'S TAIL!

She grabbed that monster and pushed it around.
For some reason all over the ground.

Teach that monster to mess with me!
That's why I LOVE My Brave MOMMY!

Written by Tommy Garrison
(c) All Rights Reserved
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"This is Great. This is an absolutely great rhyme for kids.
Congratulations on your children's book." -
Wandering Woodchuck

"Vacuum cleaners, wow this is just amazing, the sound, ur rhymes, everything. I used to be
afraid of that monster, now I got his tail and move him all over the ground." -
Bedros H.

"This is so cute! I really loved this. I could almost see a little kid peeking around a corner
looking for the monster! I loved the image of Mommy with it's tail. Great write!!" -
Kathryn B.
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