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Imagination Celebration
Snow Day
Illustrated by Mark Harmon

Snow Day

I run to the window  with thoughts in my head...
"Please be just like the weatherman said!"

I look outside with a loud HOORAY!
Just like I prayed, a beautiful SNOW DAY!

I bundle all up, Mom says, "not enough".
I put on some more, and fly out the door!

Wonderful snowflakes fall from the sky.
Snow everywhere, blinding the eyes.

Kids all around in bright colored clothes,
every face has a red, runny nose.

No thoughts of school, without a care.
Moms are happy we’re out of their hair!

Snow days are full of winter bliss.
Throwing snow balls, you don't want to miss.

Sledding down hills,
taking snowy spills!

Snow men, angels, tunnels, and forts,
faces so cold and scarves of all sorts.

At lunch, hot chocolate,
macaroni and cheese,
"All Done Mommy!
Can we go back out PLEASE?"

A dry set of clothes and off we go,
to have more fun in cold, fluffy snow.

Jumping and diving in snow everywhere.
Snow up your nose, on your face, in your hair.

A wonderful snow day is what everyone needs.
Next time it snows..
Please go out and play for me!

Written by Tommy Garrison
(c) All Rights Reserved.
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"Know what`s funny? Today they just declared a snow day for tomorrow, because they closed
school for the big snow storm we are supposed to get. They said the storm will be in history
books, and they call it the storm of 2013, like the storm of 78.I love your poem. It rhymes too,
and I can never get my poems to do that. Also, I like what words you picked. So descriptive. I
especially like when you used the word fluffy to describe the snow.
I would have never thought of it. Great poem!" -

"This was cute, a whole lot better than mine we aint had that much snow this year where i am
and that sucks, i love watching my cousins out in it but i aint seen them in a long time. Your
poem made me think of them from a couple years ago, thank you i needed a reminder."

"I love the child's voice in this poem. Very well done! It just brings me right back to the snow
days of my childhood...the cold...the hot chocolate...not wanting to come in.
Thank you for transporting me back into a world of innocence and child fun.
I can actually "feel" the way I felt on snow days. Since I am partially amnesic...being able to
remember and be transported back to something positive is very special to me.
A lot of what I recall is very dark. Thank YOU!" -
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