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Imagination Celebration
Illustrated by Mark Harmon


Fall down.
Need Mommy.
boo hoo

Pick me up.
Hold tight.
Mommy's love,
makes it right.

Oh NO!
Ouchy stuff.
Squirm around,
makes it tough.

Band aid,
now go play.
Mommy's BEST
when there's pain.

Written by Tommy Garrison
(c) All Rights Reserved.
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"This is so precious! It reads well and touches my heart.
Thanks for sharing a lovely, uplifting poem." -
Shancy F.

"wow...i really like this,
it's true...mommy's are the best.
I like how you can speak a little kid's point of view... if that made sense... anyways....
great poem." -
Jo Becca"

"This is a cute poem, this sounds like my daily routine when my sons were learning how to
ride their bikes. Cute write, thank you for sharing and keep them coming." -
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