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Nessie of the Lake
Illustrated by Mark Harmon

Nessie of the Lake

I have a tale that won't take long,
of a mysterious lake shrouded in fog.

Some say of a monster deep in the lake,
a dinosaur creature with a neck like a snake.

One scary night I was sleeping on the shore,
I woke with a jump to a loud Nessie roar!

Few have seen it, others not sure..
what I really saw, now seems like a blur.

A foggy day, I was catching some fish.
The creature swam by, it was a near miss.

Then Nessie surfaced out of the lake,
picked up my boat and gave it a shake!

I know I saw it, I’m sure I did!
A real sea Nessie! Then it hid.

Moral of the story, if at the Loch Ness..
Better have a camera, when Nessie makes a pass!

Written by Tommy Garrison
(c) All Rights Reserved.
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"This is adorable! Truly and enchantingly cute! And I love how you told the story with a series
of couplets, it makes it even more fanciful. Great write!" -

"Awe, this is too cute. My dad visited Loch Ness when he was a child and he was shown a
photo by an elderly local that was taken in the 30's. It showed a small wake and what looked
like a head gliding thru the murky loch. The woman was sure that it was nessie she caught,
but never published the photo because she didn't want nessie to be bothered
if the photo was real" -

"This is, both, fun and educational! Children will love the spin you put on history and mystery.
Great job" -
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