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Imagination Celebration
Imaginary Mice
Illustrated by Mark Harmon

Imaginary mice

Imaginary mice all around,
frisky cats stalking the ground.

Jumping and pouncing through the air.
Clawing and scratching, but nothing is there.

Sometimes they attack and act like they bite,
but a mouth full of air just doesn't seem right.

What in the world do these cats see?
Imaginary mice if you asked me.

Written by Tommy Garrison
(c) All Rights Reserved.
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"That is the truth! Cats do have fantastic imaginations.
hey play with pretend things all the time. Sometimes my cats scare me when they act like
there is something there that I cannot see. I think they are psychic!" -

"LoL I could picture this fancy game play as I read it. Kittens and cats are so adorable when
they play. You captured it beautifully. I appreciate the rhyme, too." -
Shancy F.
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