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Imagination Celebration
Flying Horse
Illustrated by Mark Harmon

Flying Horse

I've seen a horse, a horse that can fly.
A dazzling horse, she flies in the sky.

Wings spread wide, a horse you can't ride.
WHOOOOOSH blows your hair, as she soars by.

A flying horse, that runs in the clouds,
her hooves don’t even touch the ground.

Bright and shimmering in the sun,
this flying horse looks so much fun!

If only I could catch her, and jump on her back!
Grab her white mane, wrap my arms around her neck.

The ride of my life, flying through the sky,
on a horse's back, a horse that can fly!

Is she real or is she a lie?

The legend goes just like this...
whoever can ride her gets to keep Pegasus!

Written by Tommy Garrison
(c) All Rights Reserved.
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"Very cute..this is great for a children's book inspiration. Simplistic, yet relative to
contemporary desires (if you look hard enough and analyze meaning behind your words).
I enjoyed this as it brought back memories of happiness I used to experience.
Thank you" -

"That's cute. It was written in a childish style, and it seemed something like that would adorn
a picture book. But it was very good, under a closer inspection.
I like the non-form way you wrote it" -

"This is a great poem.
This is one of the best childrens poems I have ever read.
This poem makes me feel a little like a kid." -

"I see more then just chasing pegasus, theres much deeper thoughts here.
Attaining something out of reach is the theme I see here. A quest for beauty and happiness.
Don't we all wish to ride pegasus and free ourselves? Seize the moment and never let go?
I think your too modest this is more then a childrens poem. Great work"
- Ravensdark
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