Elephants are animals I really like the most.
The biggest on land, they can truly boast.

With huge floppy ears, a super long snout.
Wait till you hear an elephant SHOUT!

Cover your ears or they will ring!

A funny little fact, another silly thing.
When it comes to animals, the lion is not king.

When lions meet elephants it is easy to see,
the lions will run, scamper, and flee!

You can ride on elephants, they can pick up logs.
In some parts of the world they are helpful as dogs.

Elephants are useful, I am telling you so.
You can even get a shower from an elephant's nose!

You may have a fish, dog, or cat.
Perhaps a ferret, horse, or rat.

You might have lots of different pets,
but wouldn't you like a big elephant?

Written by Tommy Garrison
(c) All Rights Reserved.
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"I love elephants, and so does my daughter! Matter of fact it was one of the first animal
names she ever tried to say and she sounds so cute when tries! This was wonderful!
You definitely have the knack for the children stuff!" -

"This was so much fun to read. I did so enjoy this poem of yours. I think that you wrote it very  
well indeed. I hope that you will have a grand day." -
Rose P.

"SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!! My daughter who is 27 now rode an elephant with me once. It was a trip!
I love your writings. I sooooooo want to write books for kids, for I am a 48 year old one myself.
This is exquisite!!!!!!!!!" -
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